I tried to make a podcast back in 2007 called “Your Three Minute Window.” It was not very well-known. I really want to do an audio diary sort of thing now so I think I’ll resurrect it even if ‘Nobody’s Listening!’ After a couple of attempts I think I’m going with ‘Flash’s Train of Thought!’ since I do most of my musings in a near fugue state on the commuter train from Salisbury to London. Please read below for the further rationale…or IR-rationale for that matter.

Please let me know what you think. I’m constantly tweaking the format to make it flow smoother.

F.T.T! Episode 1 S3: Formal Hawaiian Attire

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Here’s a whistle test for my podcast with Big Al Baker. Between me in London and he in his palatial estate somewhere near Detroit we have both sides of the Atlantic anchored.

100_0335Season Three is off to a very rough start. Actually I’m having to basically start over. Not much material remains from my last attempt. BUT I’ve already replaced my cheapo mic so please bear with us! It can only go up from here.

In this historic episode Al gives fashion tips for the grass skirt set, claims demi-GodHood and explains how he would take over the world. He nominates Josh Gabb (Book of Mormon) for the Quantum Leap reboot.

The sound is all over the place but Not Bad for a first episode.

It does drift a bit into certain political arenas but I try to turn the train down a more familiar track. What can I say the man is passionate!

And if you want your chance to sit in the mythical third chair email me at

Intro music is Farside of the World by Jimmy Buffett! Buy it here.

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