Mystery Song

I was going thru my old Buffett CDs and random songs from my beach party days when I came across this song. The file is labeled Parrothead Holiday by the Land Sharks but I think probably both are wrong. I checked spotify and Amazon music, iTunes but I couldn’t find the source. Any help would be welcome!


The Color Blue: A Tale of Shades, Confusion, and Ancient Mysteries

[Scene: A bustling publishing house, where a heated argument ensues about the color of text on a book cover.]

Editor: I’m telling you, the text on this book is cerulean blue!

Designer: No way, it’s more of an aquamarine shade!

Writer: Hold on, I think it’s leaning towards seafoam green-blue.

Assistant: Guys, let’s settle this once and for all. Bring out the Pantone color chart!

[The Pantone color chart is dramatically brought to the center of attention.]

Editor: Look, here’s Pantone 2955 C, the exact match for the book’s text!

Designer: But wait, what about Pantone 320 C? It seems closer to me.

Writer: Are you sure? I think Pantone 3242 C hits the mark.

[The tension rises as each person passionately defends their chosen Pantone color.]

Assistant: Let’s take a step back from the Pantone frenzy and dive into the captivating world of the color blue itself.

[The scene transitions into an ancient setting, with characters wearing flowing robes.]

Ancient Sage: Ah, the color blue, a fascinating enigma. Did you know that the ancients lacked a word for blue?

Curious Scholar: No word for blue? How could that be?

Ancient Sage: They described the sky as bright, the sea as dark, but the color blue eluded their linguistic grasp.

[The scene shifts back to the present, the publishing house.]

Editor: It’s incredible to think that the ancients didn’t have a word for blue. Perhaps they knew something we don’t.

Designer: Maybe they understood that colors transcend language and can’t be confined to labels.

Writer: True, it’s a reminder that our perception of colors is shaped by our culture and experiences.

[Everyone pauses, reflecting on the profound realization.]

Assistant: In the midst of our debate, we’ve uncovered a deeper truth about the subjective nature of color perception. It’s not just about Pantone numbers or shades; it’s about how colors evoke emotions and spark creativity.

[The scene concludes with a sense of wonder and intrigue.]

Assistant: So, let us continue to embrace the beauty and diversity of the color blue, celebrating the shades that captivate our imaginations. From the deep navy to the refreshing cerulean, from aquamarine to seafoam, the color blue holds endless mysteries and invites us to explore its depths.

[As the curtain falls, the publishing house is filled with a newfound appreciation for the complexity and wonder of the color blue.]

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