September 17th: Cars car

I was elated to see the footpath leading into the fields had been mowed since my last visit. I have no idea how you did it because it is pretty narrow and there’s a kissing gate at one end. Just a few feet onto the path I had a strong signal and it turned out to be this toy car from the movie Cars. Not sure if the text on the side is Japanese or a sound effect maybe?


Here’s what it looked like before it was lost on the footpath. Apparently it’s a special colour changing model released in September of 2017:

I checked several different spots on the way down the path but there wasn’t much of note. A lot of iron signals that discouraged me from doing more digging and several dog walkers that kept me moving along. ūüôā

Once in the field I found a musket ball, which wasn’t a surprise as this is one field over from where the ammo cache was found and if I remember the old map data correctly, these three fields were all one field back in the day.

I also found an unknown coin and a very shiny naval button probably Victorian or more recent:


It’s gold-plated on the front, the reverse says ‘Made in England’ but does not include a maker’s name.

The prize of the day though was this text book quality spectacle buckle from late 15th-early 16th century. It is in really good shape for being 8 inches down in very rocky soil:


Cheers, and thank you again for a good day’s detecting!


livery button


This was found very near where I live south of Salisbury. There was once a Royal Kennel associated with the area and Longford Castle is just down the road. I imagine that was the origin of this piece.

Fascinating info on the resident of that castle:,_3rd_Earl_of_Radnor

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